The POWER of Stonehenge

An energy system by Nicola Wellhausen with the support of Rainer Marock

The Etheric Stonehenge Energy

From the script:

The inner stone circle of Stonehenge consists of Bluestones, a dolerite rock, which was already said to have a strong healing power in the Neolithic age.

The POWER of Stonehenge
From this stone circle is the energy.

The following healing effects are assigned to the Bluestone:

  • grounding
  • protective
  • Balancing
  • muscle relaxing
  • supports the immune system
  • lightly firing energy, helps to fnden to ourselves
  • reassuring, helps us to recognize feelings
  • promotes spiritual development
  • Connection with the cosmos
  • Clairvoyance / 3rd eye
  • Laryngeal Chakra, Forehead Chakra

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