AVALON – The Ark of the Covenant – Heritage of God

by Solina

High-energy system of the Golden Age with Merlin and Moses

Excerpt from the script:

“In this highest-energy transmission system, you are invited by Merlin and Moses to make a dimensional leap into the time epoch of Avalon. Merlin and Moses, when you are ready, will perform the 2 highest energy transmissions on you. Powerful divine energies of the holy ark of the covenant of the Pyramid of Giza will flow into your light body at the 1st transmission and massively purify and expand it. The frequency immerses in you like lightning and the highest energy increase takes place – awakening can happen. The frequency of yourself is increased to the next level of light as it suits you. In the 2nd transmission, the sacred words (energetic pattern) of the 10th Commandments of the New Age flow into your being. They are embedded and activated in your wisdom aspect. The highest Eleua energy flows – a wave of divine love floods through all your being. Power, strength, trust, love and security flows into your soul and great redemption happens as it is fitting for you.”

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