Quitting Smoking Reiki

“Smoke-free Reiki” channeled and copyright by Linda Colibert Oct.  2010.

Quit Smoking Reiki

From the script

The smoke-free Reiki system helps to quit smoking and additionally brings powerful healing energies to heal the damage caused by smoking. Although this system cannot promise you that you will stop smoking, because that is actually a decision that you have to make yourself, it will definitely help you to overcome this dependence if you decide to quit smoking.The energies strengthen your willpower and increase your determination to overcome the desire to smoke. Healing begins immediately and accelerates the process of cleansing the lungs and the entire body from the chemicals and nicotine stored in it by smoking.  This system also helps you to focus your consciousness on positive things and it helps you to let go of the need to continue to harm you by smoking.

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