Karmic Illness Flush Empowerment

“Rainy day” — Original drawing by Roberto Pertoldi, all rights reserved

by Dr. Rev. Tracey Loper, DD

presented by Susanne Funke

The Karmic Diseases Flush Empowerment

from the script:

The Karmic Disease Flush will remove deeply hidden memories and health problems related to experiences in present and past lives. These suppressed things can thus be clarified and prevent the manifestation of genetic and biological diseases in the present body. A flushing of the etheric bodies will take place and allow karmic symptoms or blockages to be removed and cured.

Any malfunction, physical, mental or emotional problems that have their cause in trauma, death, injury, illness or violence in past lives are purified and healed. Memories of illness, trauma or stressful circumstances are clarified to alleviate symptoms that have manifested themselves in the current incarnation. A new energy will flow in and allow you to realize the educational spiritual sense of karmic limitations so that you can learn the lessons that lead you to growth, wisdom, and perfection. Negative thoughts and patterns are dismissed and healed. Positive thoughts and actions are encouraged.

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