Essence of Poisons Reiki

Founder Ekaterina Fedosova, 2021

Poison Essence Reiki

From the script:

The Flow Poison Essence Reiki comes from the Reiki source and the power of nature’s magic. In nature, many animals, insects and plants have poisons that help them survive. People learned over time to use the poisons for their own needs – for healing, for magic and to make medicines. Every person knows that any poison in certain quantities is a medicine and the excessive use of drugs becomes poison.

You can get the ethereal benefits of each poison of the planet in the Flow Poison Essence Reiki. You don’t have to know what kind of poison you need for healing or for a magical ritual, you just need to call the flow and the right energy will bring you the best essence for your needs. You will receive the most powerful, useful and secure energy.

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