Black Star Diamond Energy System

by Dennis Maranius Hauth

From the script:

The Black Star Diamond can be used to support

  • to defend and protect you against all dark, adverse, evil, evil, evil, satanic and black magic energies, powers, powers, spells and curses
  • to protect yourself from attacks, curses, curses and curses etc.
  • to protect yourself from robbery, crime, damage, violence, misfortune and accidents u. a. to protect
  • to protect yourself from occupations by lower astral beings • to purify and protect your aura, chakras and meridians from “astral dirt”
  • to clean up your energy system from etheric contaminants that you can get through unclean initiations, energy transfers, energy tools, etc. have captured
  • old oaths, oaths, pacts, covenants, agreements, etc. to override
  • to protect you and your privacy from telepaths, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and card readers who want to spy on your thoughts, feelings and living environment
  • to shield yourself from artificial low-frequency energies, fields and rays generated by terrestrial technologies and electrical and communication devices

The Black Star Diamond …

  • analyzes and purifies all your physical and metaphysical energetic biofields from black-magical, dark, destructive, adverse, evil, evil, vicious, satanic, demonic and dark energies, frequencies, entities, energy flow inhibiting blockages, energetically manipulative implants, curses, foreign emotions, foreign thoughts, foreign manipulations, dark and evil eyes and more. especially m.
  • helps you to free yourself from the blockages and barriers set by the outside
  • helps to dissolve dark secrets and intrigues, as well as malignant implants
  • clears your levels of consciousness from mental entanglements and mental confusion
  • can help banish intrigue and bullying from your living environment
  • supports the defense against psychic and black-magical attacks and attacks.
  • is a helpful protection against people wrapped in darkness, filled with envy, jealousy and hatred, black souls and dark, demonic, astral beings
  • is your personal patron saint who will accompany you on all your travels
  • helps in the capping of existing etheric dockings, channels, ribbons, cords, staples, links, contacts and attachments to other people, souls and entities that contradict the love of the heart!
  • All your connections from your heart to other people & souls remain and are under the protection of the black mirror diamond.
  • Free yourself from the externally imposed burden of responsibility and obligation for other people and for the human collective.
  • activates the protection of your aura, your energy centers, your energy channels and your energy, feeling and consciousness fields through a protective barrier that allows only the highest and purest energies of God and his faithfully serving beings of light to pass.
  • cleanses and clarifies your past, present and future, as well as your destiny, your life and soul plan and your predestination from all malicious, dark, black-magical and manipulative influences, failures, misfortunes, bad luck streaks, attacks, intrigues, tricks, deceptions and deceit
  • has a self-replicating, indestructible self-protection, so that its complete, 100% effect for eternity is guaranteed without restriction with an always 100% maximum possible success, protection and efficiency and is always successfully optimally at the service of its user!

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