Jesus Christ Healing

Energy from my NDE, in which I received it directly from Jesus and was initiated by him (near-death experience)

Thiago Trindade Healing Energy

(channeled in October 2018)

From the script:

I use these two energies together and are perceived by the person to be healed as gentle but still very effective. They have a white-gold color and serve to restore the energy field (aura) and the energy centers (main and secondary chakras), after a “scanning” of the same, a harmony between main and secondary chakras, energy bodies and energy channels can be reestablished.

In the “scanning” I receive pictures of the spiritual world, hear words and possibly get hints to accelerate the healing. Sometimes they are also messages for the one to be healed, you can compare these healings also like a tarot reading. I am guided by the spiritual world.

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