Angel -Ki

by Roswitha Strobele

From the script:

The Zen angel initiation is the initiation into the energies of the angels. The student is initiated into these energies by a rainbow that connects him with the angels. And basically with all angels! The rainbow is virtually an improved overhead line that can be used at any time — from both sides.

The rainbow contains the whole color spectrum. Likewise, through the Zen initiation, a student receives an initiation into the whole “spectrum” of angels from all angelic hierarchies. For example, the archangels are each assigned to a certain color. Thus, one can make contact over the rainbow with several angels, a special group of angels or with a certain, individual angel, if this is desired, whether on the part of the student or vice versa on the part of an angel. But you can also just “pick up the phone, and let’s see who gets in touch”!

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