Strengthening muscles Reiki 1 and 2

by Ekaterina Fedosova

Level 1

Excerpt from the script:

“The Reiki flow to strengthen the muscles comes from a Reiki source and has all the characteristics of the Usui Reiki flow.

Reiki masters and initiates of the second Reiki degree, can use the symbols of Usui Reiki to support the strengthening of muscles Reiki Flows, under the same conditions — hand positions as in Usui Reiki.

Working with energy:

Strengthening the muscles Reiki lets the energy flow through all your energy levels and chakras, including the higher cosmic chakras. The Reiki energy is — the eternal flow of the universe and this flow, this flow, serves especially to strengthen the muscles. A Reiki flow for your physical strengthening, healing, recovery and beauty.

The Reiki flow to strengthen the muscles is suitable for people who have undergone surgery and need to restore the muscles.

  • Who deals with their external appearance strengthens his health and beauty
  • Who has reduced his weight
  • Who wants to look fit at any age
  • Those who have certain diseases and cannot move normally for their own reasons
  • Who does professional sports
  • And anyone who wants to have healthy and strong muscles.”

Level 2

Excerpt from the script:

“You don’t need Usui Reiki initiations to work with the flow or pass it on to other people. However, people who have been introduced to Usui Reiki have the opportunity to use Usui Reiki symbols in conjunction with the Reiki flow to strengthen the muscles.

On the second level you get an increased flow of the Earth Chakra connection and it opens up the possibility to train the muscles more detailed and on a deeper level, restore the muscle fibers and pull the resource of the body to the desired point (either by your intention alone, or by your hand position).

The second stage of initiation increases the flow of energy, which increases the efficiency, speed and results of working with initiations.

On the second level you will receive the Reiki symbol to strengthen the muscles. It serves to complement your work and it expands your skills:’

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