Devine Blueprint Integration

„Das Orakel“ original drawing by Roberto Pertoldi – all rights reserved

by Sandra Henning

Divine Blueprint

From the script:

Many cultures assume that in heaven or the higher spheres there is a perfect image of ourselves. The best-known followers of this belief are probably the Kahunas, the Hawaiian medicine men, also known from the methods of quantum and matrix healing, the 2-point method. Others describe the divine blueprint as another light body, which in my understanding is just another expression for the above-mentioned perfect image of ourselves. Again, other directions describe the divine blueprint as the direct connection between body and mind or body and God. Some also call this connection pure consciousness, higher self, higher self, higher self, etc.

My divine blueprint in my imagination is a direct and unadulterated copy of me. There are neither accepted nor learned behaviors – or belief patterns present. My divine blueprint is pure and as I truly am without lack, without judgments and desires, without illness, suffering and pain, for these are all phenomena of this level if we do not live in harmony with ourselves and our soul. I think that this blueprint is pure light and information, that it contains my divine self, my soul plan, the divine order, the cosmic laws, all the information I need to grow consciousness, to grow and live in this plane and to realize that I am a divine being. The Divine Blueprint contains your FULL potential!!

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