Return to a former life

Reincarnation therapy or repatriation therapy is an esoteric method of alternative medicine based on reincarnation teachings. Reincarnation therapy assumes that reincarnation and further development of a soul exist over a variety of earthly lives. Current psychological and physical problems can be caused by previous incarnations. Memories of past lives are possible. Learning from previous lives is also possible (westernly interpreted karma teaching). Entanglements with traumas of previous earthly lives can also be solved in the present life through love and forgiveness. As a result, greater awareness and healing is also achievable in the current earthly life of the clients. (from Wikipedia)

I can accompany you with my voice into a repatriation in which you can experience a previous life and eliminate any problems of today, blockages or recurring problems, in which you can process and remove this with the help of experience from your previous life.

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