Art of discussing

original drawing by Roberto Pertoldi – all rights reserved

by Martina Kenny

Discuss babies and teens

From the script:

Children and adolescents react very well to prayers or discussion, as they are still very unbiased and they also have strong self-healing powers. Since the prayers have no side effects, they always express themselves positively when used.

For thousands of years, wise women, medicine men and shamans from all cultures have been healing diseases through sacred prayers. They also master the “art of discussing”. In the past, a wise woman or a “witch” was found in every village who had the gift of curing warts or diseases by reciting sayings or prayers. In 12th century Spain, these sayings and prayers were collected. They originate from Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and other cultures.

This art was passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Even in today’s modern medicine, this technique is used. It is even supported by doctors and alternative practitioners, and it is also advised to do so in the case of certain diseases. These prayers still have their healing power. With their help, we can be healed and also do good to others.

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