by Nicola Wellhausen

From the script:

The witch hazel is considered an all-round talent in skin care. It belongs to the genus of the witch hazel family (Latin: Hamamelidaceae) and is better known under the name witch nut. Only a part of this plant genus can be used as a medicinal plant, including the so-called witch hazel virginiana or virgin witch hazel. It comes from the north of America and has been used there for some time in medicine against skin and diarrhoea! diseases. Among the indigenous peoples, the magic nut is a traditional remedy for skin problems. According to a clinical analysis, the witch hazel has an anti-inflammatory effect. It can reduce the flare-up of inflamed acne, relieve mild itching, promote wound healing and help with hemorrhoids, varicose veins, diaper dermatitis and toothache.

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