CBD Vibrational Essence

by Reiki Master Rainer Marock

Ethereal Cannabidiol (CBD)

from the script:

The CBD vibrational essence works energetically through the vibration of the second important active ingredient of the cannabis plant: CBD promotes holistic healing. In this way, it stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is our oldest nervous system, which also regulates our most important bodily functions. CBD activates/promotes the self-healing of humans and pets.

(Does not cause intoxication, side effects do not come)

If you have had the causes clarified by a specialist, you can use this system to support…

  • in inflammation or chronic inflammation
  • for allergies of all kinds
  • for skin problems
  • to fix nausea
  • to inhibit excessive appetite
  • in case of nausea
  • to relieve migraine/migraine attacks and many forms of headaches
  • to relieve/fix cramps
  • to calm down
  • in asthma
  • for smoking cessation
  • to reduce nicotine dependence on smokers
  • to counteract addictions in general
  • in diseases of the coronary vessels
  • for sleep disorders
  • in case of fears
  • in stage fright
  • in stress in general
  • in case of burnout
  • in post-traumatic stress disorder
  • in schizophrenia
  • to counteract psychosis
  • in social photcia
  • in epilepsy
  • to increase the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients
  • Etc

The CBD vibrational essence has a cancer-inhibiting effect – although treatment with CBD is not an alternative to normal cancer therapy, it can be a useful supplement!

The CBD vibration essence generally serves as a pain killer!

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