Ancestral Line Releasement Therapy

by Angardini Titisari

Liberation from the ancestral line therapy

From the script:

Ancestral lineage is inherited, imprinted and has become a part of your life. All remaining unresolved issues,for example such as illness, anger, violence, disharmonious influences on your current life, may be that you define it as normal or you may say “this is in my blood”.

If you heal your ancestral lineage, you can free yourself from everything that binds you, live your life and realize all your dreams. Ancestral Line Releasement Therapy is an energy that helps to eliminate negative energy patterns imprinted in you by your ancestral lineage. It has the ability to reduce negative habits, removes mental confusion, helpful for coping with aggression, treats unbalance, removes all blockages from your energy pathways. It reaches your subconscious mind on a deep level to find the causes and bring them to the surface so that you can free yourself from them.

Ancestral Line Releasement Therapy gives you motivation, mental strength and the courage to change your life, improves your self-knowledge, identifies the causes of your problem, increases your intuition and also improves mental clarity, being able to see the big picture of your life and gaining a new perspective for yourself and your descendants.

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