Animal Light Healing by Master Kuthumi

Animal Light Healing by Master Kuthumi
„Moorhexe“ original drawing by Roberto Pertoldi – all rights reserved

by Amithaba Buddha Maitreya

The easy use of a powerful energy with the help of Master Kuthumi

From the script:

What is animal light healing ? This animal light healing is a powerful yet gentle energy. With their help, we gain access to the morphogenetic fields of the animals. Through our belief patterns, we bind the morphogenetic structure of the individual genera and thus prevent their expansion of consciousness. Only if we leave our opinions and convictions behind us can the animals develop far beyond their borders.
The consciousness of our animals increases just like our own consciousness. We can help them end their incarnation cycles as well and further raise their consciousness. In this way, they reach freedom from the wheel of rebirth more quickly. It is time for things to change.

We humans are forced by this energy to deal with ourselves, because we only experience their healing when we redeem and heal the resonance points within us. Through this energy, the animals can experience healing and extinguish their karma fields. But we humans can also learn from animals. We can learn to understand ourselves better and heal ourselves.
During healing, contact is made with the fields of the animals. With this treatment you can also solve your own problems in the animal field, e.B. the fear of spiders, snakes, mice, etc. We can then connect with the energy fields of the animals and support them with our energy. During transmission, however, this energy often flows back to us. It is a “give” and a “take”.

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