Fire Ritual

The pine Moctezuma or Chamaite pine, also known as Ocote (Pinus montezumae), is a tree of the family of pine forests of more than 20 meters in height. It comes from Mexico and is located in Tamaulipas, Chiapas and comes as far as Guatemala. It inhabits temperate forests on the slopes and peaks of the Mexican mountains. It is closely associated with the Pin scobäton (Pinus devoniana), the pine apache (Pinus engelmannii) and the brown Ocote (Pinus hartwegii). It has a large variation in the shape of cones and leaves and also forms hybrids with other pines.

This coniferous wood emits an aromatic resin that burns easily when it comes into contact with fire. The copal (Copalli-Nahuatl, which means resin or incense) is the name given to several vegetable aromatic resins, at an intermediate stage of polymerization and hardness between resin and amber.

The copal is a very important element in the medical and religious tradition of Meso-America since the pre-Hispanic period, since the smoke that releases the burn was used by the civilizations of this region as an offering to the deities and as a therapy for various physical and spiritual evils and diseases. Even today, these uses are common in traditional domestic medicine. (Source Wikipedia)

I use the wood (Ocote) and the resin (Copal) with other herbs and oils in a fire ritual in which I can “see” answers to your questions in the flames. A kind of tarot of fire. In addition, it also has a cleansing, healing and toning effect at a distance.

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