arteXsana – Spirit and Body healing

The idea came about in early 2016, when I woke up from a months-long coma and returned with a message and a task. The name was there almost immediately and comes from the Italian arte = art, X = the sign for the mathematical by and sanare (sana) = heal. (In Italian X = mathematical per, translated: for). So the art for healing or the healing art.

After my NDE (near-death experience), my childhood abilities, which I inherited from the maternal side, were strengthened. My great-grandmother and grandmother were healers who lived in Friuli (northern Italy). My grandmother taught me some traditions during the summer holidays (how to make, for example, a shelter with a herb bush hanging from the window) and told me fabulous stories of beings from this region of Italy, where the cultures of the Romans and the Celts have mixed.

artexsana english

The site was created to be able to use my healing powers and energies all over the world with as many people and animals as possible and to create healing for body and mind.

If you click into every single menu item, you can learn more about the healing methods and energy systems into which I have been initiated or channeled by myself. I am happy to answer your questions and look forward to any comment from you.

I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me so far and continues to do so. And I welcome everyone who has now met me for the first time.