welcome to arteXsana!,

ArteXsana was arised to bring all the things that I do in one single page together. And that’s healing with art, photography, music and spirituality. It’s about physical and spiritual healing.

The idea originated at the beginning of 2016,when I woke up from coma and I came back with a message and a task. The name was practically immediately there and comes from the Italian arte=art, X= the mathematical sign for for and sanare (sana) =to heal…art for healing

The side arised also from the idea to proclaim to the whole world the messages that I received and I’m still receiving and to set my healing power to more people and animals, as most as posible.

If yo click on any menu point you can learn more about my single healing methods. I’m gladly ready to answer your questions and I’m happy about every commentary from you.

I thank all those who walked with me and still do it. And I welcome all those who meets me now for the first time.