Third Eye Clairvoyism Empowerment

Channeled and copyrighted by Linda Colibert July 2010.

SpiritLight Reiki

Linda Colibert

Rei ki master/teacher

Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association

Third Eye Psychic Empowerment

From the script:

The Third Eye Clairvoystity Empowerment connects you to the Spirit and opens Your Third Eye so that you can clearly receive media messages. It expands your intuition and increases your instincts. You will find that you not only receive visions (clairvoyance), but can also hear messages (clairvoyance) and/or use media messages to all of a time, you can establish knowledge that was not previously available (clairvoyance). Third Eye Clairvoyance Empowerment clears any negativity from your energy field that might prove to be a hindrance to receiving the divine messages. This supports the growth of clairvoyism, your aura shines brighter and further while you work in the media. This is a wonderful system to strengthen your clairvoyisms and helps to open yourself energetically to receiving the messages of the Spirit, spiritual guides and angels.

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