Magick Reiki Hex Breaker

By Daelyn Wolf 

Magical Reiki curse breaker

From the script:

Magical Reiki curse breaker is a magically charged system. The energies combine Reiki and magic and work to break curses/spells that enemies or mean people have imposed on you. Curses can trigger all sorts of problems in finances, relationships and more. If someone has imposed a curse on you, it must be broken as soon as possible.

If you have been cursed, it is worse than having been bewitched. Curses are deeper and darker magic. They can cause disease and poverty if you don’t break them. A bewitchment only lasts a short time, but a curse can last forever until it is broken.
If you use the energies of this system, it will help you break this attachment of dark magic to you once and for all. 

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