Oxygen Reiki 999

by Ekaterina Fedosova, 2020

from the script:

Oxygen Reiki 999 helps you in all situations where you need support with oxygen saturation. The energy helps to facilitate breathing, enriches it and has a rejuvenating effect. It is ideal for curing asthma and bronchitis, pneumonia, lung diseases, delayed healing; and the delayed positive results from surgeries, treatments and rejuvenation procedures.

The flow has a very powerful effect on the physical body and the subtle body. You have to use Oxygen Reiki 999 daily during the healing procedure, the treatments. At regular intervals – and as required , you can also use the energy in combination with other energies. In addition, you can apply them with any flows, for beauty and monetary energy, this will help to increase their strength and actively implement them.

Oxygen Reiki 999 amplifies your vibrations in the latest frequencies of the Earth and the universe.

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