The fire-red cocoon

Channelled and received by the Eternal Holy Source by Rainer Marock

A protection system of the new era

From the script:

Archangel Michael puts a tremendous protection around you that protects you from anything that could harm you physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. This wall of fire is so thick, so strong, so concentrated, so stable, so multi-layered that even the greatest forces of evil cannot penetrate it as they would be:  Envy, hatred, hostility, evil thoughts to weaken the inner center, disturb harmony, black-magical, demonic attacks, occupations by lower astral beings, low-frequency energies, dark souls, shadow beings, assaults, occupations, curses, conscious attacks and attempts to attack you in your innermost being, to cause you physical and psychological pain and to bring out of his stoic rest the one who is not in this fire-red ball.  The person who is in this “fire-red cocoon”, in this fireball or  located in this fiery ball of light, will not feel the attacks, as nothing can penetrate inside. Archangel Michael circles with his fiery glowing sword this ball in us in unknown periods of time and thus guarantees a complete, stable and constant protective device.

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