Clearing Energy

Clearing Energy
„The Dancer“ original drawing by Roberto Pertoldi – all rights reserved

by Daniela Myriel Dahl

Releasing foreign energies and earthbound souls

From the script:

What happens if you use clearing energy? When calling the clearing energy, a column of light is erected by the spiritual world over your crown chakra. This pillar of light draws all foreign energies and possible earthbound souls, which are still in your aura, through this beautiful light channel into the Divine Light. The great “sky vacuum cleaner” is activated and all destructive, low vibrating energies that we are ready to let go of are removed from our energy bodies.

Since earthbound souls (usually the souls of deceased family members) who are also attached to you finally find their way into the light, a feeling of liberation arises with you. Life force and joy can flow unhindered in you again and you are able to consciously allow and perceive these feelings again.

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