Clear (clеan) childhood

By Fedosova Morozova Ekaterina

From the script:

The energy is destined for the restoration, for the healing of traumas from childhood, for the correction of false education and misconception, as well as for the correction of the distorted perception of the reality of children. If you want an inner transformation, you need to clean up what was wrong in childhood (base).When the soul has just come to earth and has to learn anew, it absorbs everything around without filtering. So we can then find a negative blockage that resulted from this in adulthood. Our roof and walls will only be strong with a stable foundation.  To align everything, you need a complete cleaning process. Thanks to this initiation, you will be able to correct everything without negative consequences and feelings.  What has never existed before without consequences. Each method was destructive.  But right now, anything is possible and you fully deserve this gift.  It was designed for everyone.

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