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The spirituality and the healing was given to me by the genes of my mother. My gran grandma was a healer and she cures physical discomforts with a key. This key is still accompanying me today and I charge it every time after using it.

Apart from the art and photography I use other devices, like the pendulum and the gospel ecc, to heal. People here in Mexiko say me,that already my nearness heals them,they reduces stress in my presence. Therefore a lot of people come to me,sometimes only to talk with me. My voice also helps with the meditations to heal body and spirit. But I always guess to visit a doctor and follow their prescriptions and advices.

My healing energy has grown after my NDE (near death experience) and the coma and it is one of my tasks, that was given to me, to help and heal humans and animals. Here in Mexiko they call me “El milagro de Dios” (the wonder of God) or “La leyenda” (the legend). The medics can’t explain scientifically a lot of things in me. I talk here about self-healing.

What can you learn from me?

In the Spirit Academy I’ll try to wake up the potential of self healing, that is in all of us,with some exercises. The progress can be long, than it means not, that after only a few sessions, one can dominate it already. One has to, like in sport, art, music ecc, to train, to get a good achievement. All is in us.

My messages have to go through the whole world, into the universe. I want to reach a lot of people, that perhaps just now want to give up.

My NDE and coma have only made stronger all in me, for to heal and help others too. To teach them how to do it by themselves. In the Spirit Academy you can follow all what I do.

arteXsana - Spirit Academy

I want here to thank all my “masters”, who teached me to unite my spirit with my body and so to understand them.

Thanks to Alessandro, Catherina, Mara, Jeanette, Maria and Icela for it.
Over all thanks for that today I believe in myself.