The love for the photography is actually something new for me. It begans only last year. With my little digital photo camera i began to take photos during the transmissions of the radio station “Radio El Barco”. It is about a project, that is very diffused here in Mexiko and where I take part of too. We make radio transmissions outdoor, where everybody can partecipate. The microphone is for all and everybody is allowed to talk about his complaints, councils and experiences with the public. There’s also music (sometimes live), little theater pieces and minstrels, art and photo expositions. We bring so culture in the poor periphery of the city.

arteXsana - FotografieAt the beginning it was temporary streetviews,children playing, skaters, public ecc…I liked black and white photography, so that I specialise myself in this technic. Then I began to shoot photos from the diary life in Mexiko. Because of I’m living in a poor area of the beautiful Mexiko you would not found a lot of touristic photos in my album.

My friend Jea inspired and encouraged me to follow. And here I’m with my little cam. I try to bring on photos details, facial expressions and street life. Also in museums and churches ecc I photograph with the eyes of an artist and not with the ones of a classic tourist.

You will ask you now what this has to do with healing…

….now, each photo will bring you in a state of mind,that would you make to dream and think. My photos can remember you a passed life. They can originate long time forgotten things, to elaborate them.
Here there are surely not only negative things.

Take a look at my photo gallery. Make a tour with me in the unknown.