Since my childhood I have a particular love for arts. When I was a little boy I draw faces and figures. It was a particular gift and I could express myself better with drawings than with words ( and it’s still today so)

My art teacher discovered this particular gift on the high school and he took special care of me. He teaches me some technics, that I still dominate today. Surely art experts and lovers will discover some errors in my works,but that’s what makes them so strange and unique. Perfection is not the meaning of my pics, but finally they have to heal.

arteXsana - artThe beginning of my today’s job

When I woke up from coma at the beginning of 2016 ( I survived 4 cardiorespiratory stops) I felt the urge to elaborate first my NDE (near death experience) and that what I lived in the coma. Besides my right hand was almost paralysed and needed, like my legs too, a rehabilitation. Writing could have helped me, so said the doctors and so I wanted to write down my experiences, but because I’m not good in writing I decided to paint and draw all what I have seen.

My very first pics from 2016 were about my NDE and so naiv, but my followers on Facebook liked them. (My very first pic ornates today a wall in Germany). The art serves me to create a soul photo album (that’s how I call it).

I think that almost everybody has a photo album, a lot of selfies….but did you ever thought about to create pics of your soul?… can do it, you will wonder, what will come out.

What effettuate my pics?

A lot of people mean that my pics trigger something in them. Also when the pics are not directly meaned for them, they have yet effected something in them. I make by order also personalised pics, among other things portraits.

Some other people recognised souls in my works, but that I don’t have drawn or paint consciously. When I began a pic I fall in a sort of trance and I recognise what I’ve created only after I’ve terminated it. In the Spirit Academy I’ll teach you, how you can wake up the sleeping artist in you.

Here you can admire some of my works and leave questions and commentaries.

Here in Mexiko I just organised some expositions in outdoor places. My dream is to open an own art gallery and that my artworks will be known all around the world and perhaps sometimes in future be exposed.

You can see a part of my artworks in the art gallery.